[MP] Hawk Hills Starting Kit Mods Pack

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[MP] Hawk Hills Starting Kit Mods Pack

Beitragvon Fendt711Vario » 23. Feb 2011 18:11

Trailer: by Hewaaa
Combine: by Formula_1
Ropa: by Shippy74
Grass head for the John Deere combine have been took on ls-uk from a Class Foragers Package

Mickr4 hat geschrieben:There it is the Hawk Hills Starting Kit Mods Pack.
In this pack you have:
John Deere 1550 Combine
+3 cutters (One for sunflower/maize, one for the grass and the other one for the rest)
+ a trailer for the cutters
Ropa EuroTiger Harvester
+2 cutters (A BIG and a small one)
Multi-Fruit Trailer 30000Ga
(unload from the left side)
Everything Fixed, Re-skin and made compatible for the 12 fruits in the Hawk Hills Map.

With that pack you will be able to harvest/transport ALL the fruits, silage, grass that there is in the map.

Have Fun!



Wer Fendt fährt, führt...

Ich baue keine Mods... ich stelle sie nur rein...

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