[MP] Dodge 2500 Diesel with Gooseneck Hitch

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[MP] Dodge 2500 Diesel with Gooseneck Hitch

Beitragvon Fendt711Vario » 19. Feb 2011 12:07

This is the Dodge 2500 pickup [MP Ready] converted by me for 2011 from the 2009 mod by canadianfarmer. The truck will pull low trailers with the bumper hitch. It also has a 5th wheel hitch in the bed which will tow a gooseneck trailer. The gooseneck trailer should be released soon pending a permission from one of the original modders.

As scripted this truck struggles to pull the larger trailers just like in real life, so only smaller trailers can be towed at speeds.

I have added an air horn and made to work. This truck has been tested in Multiplayer and works fine. I have received no errors in the log in SP or MP.

Special Thanks to Canadianfarmer for allowing me to convert some of his 09 mods.
model, ingame 09: Canadianfarmer
fixes 09: emergency4
Gooseneck hitch: Kahler03
Conversion 2011: BigCountry
Edits: BigCountry

Bild Bild Bild


Wer Fendt fährt, führt...

Ich baue keine Mods... ich stelle sie nur rein...

Wichtig: kein Support per PN !!! Schon gar nicht per E-mail *omg*
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